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Lady Bulldogs – Sports Photography Asheville NC Christy Lewis


You know I love me some basketball! UNCA Lady Bulldogs vs Winthrop. These girls are tough. If “tuff” is more tough than “tough” – that’s what they are. Female basketball players are no joke. Both teams came to win – and it was a fight the entire game. UNC-Asheville came out on top, but these ladies sure had to fight for it. And yes…there were injuries. There wasn’t a big crowd, but the bench was excited anyway. I was pretty {Read More}

Shannon & Matthew


Goodness. Don’t you remember your high school sweet heart? How you loved getting dressed up, going out, feeling like an adult, minus the bills, the kids, the mortgage, the job… What fun times those were. I’ve not known Shannon very long, but she is such a sweetie, with a matching personality. Matthew played basketball with my son about 10 years ago, or so. I couldn’t believe that he’s so grown up already. Handsome guy in his Navy uniform. He and {Read More}



Ever want to know what it’s like to be in a cold (FREEZING!) high school gym, on an early Saturday morning, with a group of tired, sleepy, funny, FUN, giggly cheerleaders? Well, it was all that – cold, freezing, funny, fun, giggly. These ladies literally brought it. I really didn’t know what to expect, since I have boys. I wanted to give them a more unique experience than their usual cheerleading photos. What did I do? Well, we talked and {Read More}



I have a special place in my heart for high school seniors. I absolutely love working with them, and I get overwhelmed with joy as I get to talk to them, find out what they want to do after high school & learn more about them. Maybe it’s because I remember when I was that age – ready to take on the world. No limits were too far, and no dream was too big. The world is open with endless {Read More}

MHS Titan Cheerleaders


30 Ladies +  High School Gym + Pom Poms + Early Saturday morning = FUN. I had the best time with these young ladies. There was so much sass in there & it was great. I live with 2 sons, a husband, and 2 dogs that are also boys. I ENJOY being around girls occasionally. Giggling, hugs, hairspray, lip gloss….I loved every minute of it. I let them pose anyway they wanted for their individual pictures and believe me – {Read More}



I’ve known Jenna since she was born. We had a great time looking for mermaids as we walked through the woods and down winding pathways during this shoot. I seen Ariel (as in Disney’s “The Little Mermaid”) playing in the river, and tried to point her out to Jenna, but Ariel was just too fast for little Jenna to see her. Who knew Ariel really lives in a cold river in the mountains of NC? Not really, but it made {Read More}

Presley & Griffin


  I’m certain this was one of the most fun sessions I’ve done lately. These kids are BEYOND cute. I’m not kidding. Meet Griffin and Presley. Presley wasn’t into the whole picture taking thing at first, but she came around pretty quick after seeing her big brother, Griffin. He was  a poser, let me tell ya. Griffin wasn’t shy at all, and once Presley figured it out, she had fun, too. I’m almost sure I played as much as I {Read More}

Brian, Jo & Fletcher


I love catching up with old friend’s that I’ve not seen in a while. Jo and I use to work together in Asheville. She was single at the time, and I remember the horror stories she would share with me. She always made me laugh at these tails of single’dom, and I remember thinking (more than once!) about how grateful I was to have that dating life behind me. Fast forward 7 years. Jo is now married and the mom {Read More}

30 days


Today, I’m starting “30 Days of Gratitude” This time of year, we all stress, we all rush, we are all busy with holiday planning, family events & parties. For me, it’s easy to get wrapped up in the busy daily life that is just that…life. Work. Home. School. Kids. Laundry. Homework. Laundry. Meals. Errands. Laundry…wait. Did I say Laundry more than once? I did. That’s because the mountain of laundry in my house at any given time is all-consuming. I could {Read More}

Halloween 2012


How’d you spend YOUR Halloween? I shot a rock band. Click “Halloween 2012″ above for more photos.